Maccabiah 2022 chess games

Welcome to Maccabiah 2022 chess event.

הירשמו כאן


News and Updates

GM Ori Kobo gets the gold. Moskovich wins the open and Lancman the junior tournament

At the beginning of the last round, Kobo was leading with 5.5 points after a draw with Parkhov in the 8th round. In second place with 5 points were Smirin, who lost to Tzidkiya, and Postny, who defeated Dvoirys after a tactical mistake by the Russian player.

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Smirin and Kobo sprinting

Since the beginning of the week, both Smirin and Kobo have gained 3.5 points out of 4 in the last 4 rounds. They managed to break the balance in the closed tournament and now they are ahead of the other players by a full point.

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Smirin wins the blitz, Moskovich leads the field and a special comeback

On Saturday, the blitz tournament of the Maccabiah 2022 was held In Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem. The tournament was open for all players, and the rate of play was 3 minutes + 2 seconds per move in 9 rounds

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Chess clocks running in Haifa

As the third round started in Jerusalem today in the open and closed sections, it was the turn of the youngsters to join the party. The junior section of the Maccabiah Games plays in Haifa – it is common during the Maccabiahs to host the junior category of all sports in one city, so that the junior players can enjoy the environment all together in one place.

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